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ACT Brumbies coach Dan McKellar hopes his squad can

If you going into an Australian domestic competition, then the international sides you picked up points against, like the Waikato Chiefs, maybe those points won count. April 18 2020 12:30PMDan McKellar hopes ACT Brumbies return to training as soon as Canberra RaidersDan McKellar (right) hopes the Brumbies can return to training when the Canberra Raiders receive the green light. Picture: Karleen Minney.ACT Brumbies coach Dan McKellar hopes his squad can return to the training paddock as soon as the Canberra Raiders receive the green light, saying the rules should apply to both codes.The Brumbies are training in isolation as they await direction on Super Rugby’s future, with a domestic or trans Tasman competition looming as the most likely option for 2020.McKellar hopes the same rules will apply to the Brumbies for training, regardless of whether a remodelled Super Rugby competitions gets off the ground next month.Dan McKellar is eyeing a return to the training paddock.

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