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Based on the design of HMS Royal George

BattleshipIn 1758, during the Seven Years War between Britain and France, construction of the ship that would become known as HMS Victory commenced. Based on the design of HMS Royal George, HMS Victory was known as a ‘First Rate ship of the line’ because of having three gun decks and being able to carry 100 guns (‘Second Rate ships of the line’ had three gun decks and 90 98 guns, while the most common ships of the line were Third Rate, with two gun decks and 74 guns). Like her sister ship, HMS Victory was made from wood (mainly oak), weighed about 3,500 tons fully laden, had a hull over 200ft long and more than 50ft wide, featured three masts with 6,500 square yards of sail, and had a top speed of 10 knots (approximately 12 miles per hour).

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