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Besides the fact that we need a diversity of biology

Robinson was suspicious of Kennedy, particularly as he set his sights on the White House. JFK had sought to ingratiate himself with a crucial constituency: segregationist Southern whites. In 1959, as he neared the launch of his presidential campaign, he invited Alabama governor John Patterson, a virulent racist, to breakfast at his Georgetown home.

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Here’s some honesty for ya, Tucker. Besides the fact that we need a diversity of biology to survive (what would we eat without a variety of plants and animals?), the very concept of heterosexuality makes the case that differences are often desirable. Shamed, silenced and fired? Why, almost any guest Carlson disagrees with gets that treatment.

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Snyder sees this as a natural progression of the market. “I love tailoring, I love the making of a garment,” he notes. “And I was really excited to see that come back when Thom Browne did the whole fitted suit and brought back dressing up. Black, and Pretty Lady. In her later years she began collecting teddy bears and was very proud of her collection. She also loved photographing every family gathering and every trip and adventure she went on.

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