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I apologise for any grammar errors as all my tweets

Instantly, things got interesting: The Dolphins scored twice to pull to 16 17 with six seconds remaining.Rather than kick the extra point, the Dolphins decided to roll the dice and went for a two point conversion. In theory, it’s a ballsy move we would respect. In actuality, it was not the sort of thing many TankForTua Dolphins fans wanted.

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Cardio training allows your body to pump more blood through your body and when combined with a healthy diet will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your cells providing you with more fat burning potential with long lasting energy. The more “in shape” your heart becomes the more you can increase the intensity of the cardio program which in this case for getting mens abs would be things like rowing,swimming,stair mill,or sprinting. When was the last time you saw a swimmer,sprinter of rower without ripped abs? NEVER!.

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