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It covers the city architecture

The Las Vegas Review Journal Mick Akers provided the latest photos of the construction progress on Monday. And we could see as components of an enormous mesh videoboard were already applied to the stadium exterior. According to Akers, the entire videoboard is expected to be operational by the end of the month..

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Felt the Canadiens gained an edge on the Penguins as the game went on, and that supported by the statistics. From the sixth minute on, the Canadiens outshot the Penguins 34 31 and nine of those Pittsburgh shots came on the power play.Petry scores OT winner as Habs upset Penguins in Game 1In the Habs Room: Youngsters make big impression in playoff debutFans still drawn to arenas despite secure zones as Cheap Jerseys from china NHL returns to iceCanadiens’ Jonathan Drouin fails to get a penalty shot on Pengiuns’ Matt Murray in overtime at Scotiabank Arena on Aug. 1, 2020 in Toronto.Drouin needs to step up:The Canadiens are hoping Jonathan Drouin recaptures some of the playoff magic he displayed with Tampa Bay in 2016, but it didn happen Saturday night.Drouin, who is the team’s highest paid forward, offered little in the way of offence and took two penalties in the second period, one of which resulted in a Pittsburgh goal.

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