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“Out on the field, the Wheaton Rams and the Lyons

Qualifiers, 1,200 competitors will tee it up in the event. It an incredible success story, one that organizers hope they can branch out elsewhere in Canada, with Montreal and Toronto on the current radar. ClubEG is also eyeing possible expansion for the event within the Ottawa market.

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Cheap Jerseys from china And you don’t need to watch multimillionaire football stars, pampered for most of their lives, ostentatiously disrespecting the American national anthem, kneeling, their raised fists in the air.You don’t need to see the desperation in the NFL’s television commercials: actresses in team gear, holding snack trays to feed their (virtual) extended team gear wearing families, as the NFL begs middle class women to mother their game before it dies.You don’t have to do any of that to see how football is dying.All you have to do is go out to a youth football field, as I did on Sunday morning, and talk to parents and coaches.”Just four years ago, we had so many boys signing up for football, we had five teams at this fourth grade level,” says John Herrera, a dad, software engineer and football coach of the Wheaton Rams in the Bill George Youth Football League in the western suburbs of Chicago.”And from five teams of fourth graders four years ago, what do we have now? One team. Just one.”Out on the field, the Wheaton Rams and the Lyons Tigers were going at it, having fun. Parents and grandparents watching, sipping lattes, a few dads nervously pacing the sidelines as dads always do, willing prowess on their sons.But what do the numbers from the hometown of the “Wheaton Ice Man,” the great Red Grange, tell us about football in America?”If dropping from five teams of fourth graders to one doesn’t tell you what’s happening, nothing will,” Herrera said Cheap Jerseys from china.

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