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Since 2009, PIIC has contributed over $950,000 to

The first part of the book is a reaction to the Guyana Indian Foundation Trust (GIFT) report on the violent attacks on Indians in Georgetown on 12 January 1998. Kwayana welcomes the report for he himself is extraordinarily strong on documenting instances of political violence in Guyana. But he draws attention to the fact that it does not adequately capture the role of Africans in rescuing and protecting Indians on January 12, 1998.

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wholesale jerseys For every $1 dollar used to purchase a Wild game magazine, the PIIC donates $1 back to the Foundation. Since 2009, PIIC has contributed over $950,000 to the Wild Foundation, over $828,000 of that being matching funds from game night sales. Thanks to our amazing fans and the PIIC, the matching program is on a trajectory to surpass the One Million dollar mark in donated funds. wholesale jerseys

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The harsh reality is that all senior commanders believe that they are experts in the specialised field of cadre management. It will be appropriate to rephrase the old maxim, “Cadre management is too serious a business to be left to Generals.” How else can we explain deficiencies and the complex bevy of multiple entries like NDA, IMA, SS, TES, TGC, NCC, UES and SS (Tech)? This apart, we have in service avenues like ACC, RCO/SCO and SL. There are specialised entries for AMC, TA, JAG, WSES and AEC.

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