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Since his arrival in Las Vegas in 2017

Fleury was selected by the team for the impact his leadership has had on the Las Vegas community. Since his arrival in Las Vegas in 2017, the goaltender has consistently supported and contributed to the Make A Wish Foundation, the Jr. Golden Knights youth hockey program and the organization’s COVID 19 Part time Staff Employee Fund.

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With the game still scoreless around the midway point of the second period, Jonathan Huberdeau threaded a pass through three Bolts right onto to the stick of Hoffman, who then ripped a shot over Andrei Vasilevskiy’s shoulder on the power play to break the ice and give Florida a 1 0 lead at 9:39. “The fans were into the game right from the start. It was a fun building to play in, and we wanted to put on a good performance for them.

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