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The event in the White House complex would surely

Without the press, we would know very little about Donald Trump. Without a local press, a community knows little about what is happening in the city’s corridors of power, is unaware of the machinations of the local economy, crime trends or community happenings. In the past months, Berkeleyside published 159 stories about the local election..

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Jump. It always good to get runs right away.The Snot Otters scored a run on a sacrifice fly in the top of the fourth, but Florence drove in two more runs with a single. Merry attitudes filled the first base dugout as the margin widened.tourney time, Florence said.

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Trump himself is exempted from the Hatch Act, which limits the political activities of federal employees. It also does not cover in the White House or in the residence of the vice president, which are part of the residence area or which are not regularly used solely in the discharge of official duties. The event in the White House complex would surely raise ethical and legal concerns, including for staff members who would be involved..

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