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The other cover is by George Kalama

A Sade cover, Rock, which I been singing for years. The other cover is by George Kalama, Star of Gladness. Which was made famous by Israel Kamakawiwo George was a crew member on the original Hokule voyage. If it was left up to men, we’d probably wear a worn in pair of Levi’s, a comfortable t shirt, and our favorite hat every single day of the week. Unfortunately, we have a social life, a job, or a significant other that just won’t allow that. Although a lot of men skate by getting dressed with little effort (and I don’t blame them), some men just wake up one day and decide they want to dress better..

Most people who buy Narcan are insured through Medicaid programs, typically Gateway Health Plan or UPMC for You, Lavella said. Gateway recently increased its reimbursement rate so the store earns 75 cents on each kit it sells. But she said she loses $3.85 on every sale to a UPMC for You insured customer..

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The smallest guy on the field left one of the biggest impacts on effort alone Cameron Williams deserved his just due on Top Performers. Williams fluidity and quickness got him on the radar smothering receivers. Very good body control. We should not stop those kids. I have kids at home that would love to get out. Why should we deny any kid or group of kids if they are permitted? I understand the concern about state championships down the road and what is fair and what is equitable, but that six months from now.

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