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They have the white men who did it on camera and one

So the police have targeted and arrested a Pittsburgh protestor as the one who caused damage to police cars on may 30th. They have the white men who did it on camera and one of them is in custody already. But they trying to pin it on a black man who has been protesting peacefully.

“I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all stakeholders involved in project. What I found to be extremely valuable was the fact every department within TD Garden had representation present during the students final presentation. The environment provided a fantastic opportunity to have meaningful and engaging dialogue between the students and representatives from TD Garden.

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“I was trying not to get my ass kicked,” Lam told the Ottawa Citizen newspaper about working during the violence that night. Cars were burnt, shops were looted and riot police fired tear gas as they tried to control the mob, which numbered in the thousands, who were livid at the Vancouver Canucks loss to the Boston Bruins. Lam said he spotted the couple lying in between the riot police and the angry crowd.

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