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This season will generate its own surprises and

I plop down on the couch next to him, my body pressed against his side as I give him a sweet smile. You for doing this with me, Morgan. Soft smile rises on his lips and he leans forward, planting a kiss on my lips. Media buyers on Monday said NBC is asking north of $200,000 for each 30 second ad unit in Wednesday’s Blues Bruins broadcast. According to Standard Media Index data, the average unit cost in the three 2018 Stanley Cup Final games that aired on NBC was $113,702 a pop, and overall spend for the five game series (two of which were carried by the cable channel NBSCN) added up to a little more than $27 million. NBC also has been airing a number of split screen ad units during its in game coverage; perhaps the most contextually relevant is the Dunkin’ “Penalty Box” spot, in which a Cold Brew guzzling David Pastrk yells”Hey, Ref, check your voicemail! You missed some calls!” at an off screen official..

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