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Unfortunately, that our burden to bear, Werber said

46 and No. Personal: Full name is Leroy K. Henley, Jr. The very next drive, the Falcons were faced with a third and 23 after another Ryan sack, this time in New England territory and field goal range. Instead of running, again, Atlanta dropped back for a pass and committed a penalty though they did miss a New England facemask thus knocking itself out of field goal range. Atlanta punted that possession, which allowed the Patriots an opportunity to drive down the field and force overtime..

A day later, Werber called the gunman maniac and person who has no control of his baser instincts. Don know why he thinks the Jews are responsible for all the ills in the world, but he not the first and he won be the last. Unfortunately, that our burden to bear, Werber said.

Earlier, I broke down the offensive line issues. But here’s a look at each of the 19 hits individually. The point is that everyone from Vick to the offensive line to the running backs to the tight ends to the coaching staff had a part in Sunday’s horrible offensive performance..

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