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“You don’t have to like Zendaya’s hair

The first time I did it in my teens, I cried before the inspector even examined the car. The second time, I drove right instead of left. Another time, I panicked and drove out into the path of an incoming bus, causing the tester to pull the handbrake and look at me like I was deranged.

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“I tried to put myself in the senior’s last year point of view, like graduation and that type of stuff, and knowing that they are trying to give us a senior year is so exciting,” aid upcoming Bay senior Lauren Anne Lagasse. “They are trying to make sure that we get that first last day of school, they are trying to make sure that we get the stuff they would normally give to your senior class. I am just excited that they are taking the time to make sure that we get something we are looking forward to.”.

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