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Your office provides a home for strong programs and

BR: The Santa Barbara County Education Office (SBCEO) is a critical piece of our 0 5 network. Your office provides a home for strong programs and collaboratives I already profiled, like the Children Oral Health Collaborative and the Child Care Planning Council. Tell us more about your work focused on children 0 5 and their families..

27th February 2014Quote: Following his retirement from The Tonight Show, funnyman Jay Leno paid a surprise visit to Arsenio Hall’s late night Tv series on Wednesday (26Feb14) to announce his friend’s talk show has been picked up for a second season. Talk show host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (11Sep13) for a Tv parody called Joking Bad. In the 13 minute skit, Fallon and comedian Steve Higgins concocted jokes instead of cooking meth, like Cranston’s character Walter White does in the crime drama.

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