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But I also think that sometimes we might put too

Among African Americans, the average weight of people in the low fiber group was 185.6 pounds, compared to 177.6 pounds among those who consumed the most fiber a difference of 5%. Among whites, those on a low fiber diet averaged 174.8 pounds, compared to only 166.7 among fiber eaters. One reason may be that high fiber foods fill you up on fewer calories.

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Birx can’t claim the insurance of someone who commands complete trust from the public, or someone who enjoys universal appreciation among Washington elites. And as long as she’s seen as a person who acts politically in favor of Trump, she opens herself up to punishment for acting politically against him. Maybe the president was mad that Birx said the outbreak was so widespread it posed new dangers, but he was also mad because of something entirely unrelated to where his scientist came down on the science: her praise for Pelosi.

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Do you think Andrew Jackson’s face belongs on our currency, given what he did to Native Americans and fugitive slaves?I personally have a problem with it. But I also think that sometimes we might put too much emphasis on some of these symbols. As a president, he deserves to be in the history books.

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