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Efforts to scale back or to stop altogether are

Everything about Tuesday night’s match felt disconcerting: the track around the field, the acres of empty seats on the lower level, the incessant whistling of the home crowd. (My buddy Rob mentioned the surreal effect: not being able to see the crowd made the whistling sound like it was being piped in.)It’s such an odd environment to play a game in, and we’ve not looked our best two years running there. Is it possible that our lot needs the feel of a crowd right on top of them either offering support or hurling epithets, makes no difference to play their best?Whatever the case, this was not our best.Part of this is human nature; the coveted league title remains in the forefront, even as we set about defending the biggest trophy in club football.

In other countries, toxic contamination of the ocean resulted in “fish kills”. The latter referred to thousands of dead fish mysteriously floating to the surface and then were washed ashore. Waste water run offs came from industrial businesses, mining sites and agricultural sectors as their hazardous waste flowed into creeks and rivers until it merged with the ocean.

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