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Enter Sabrina Caluori, 38, who became a “social TV”

HBO obviously has a killer product, but it doesn’t exactly sell itself especially in an increasingly diffuse TV ecosystem overflowing with prestige programming. Enter Sabrina Caluori, 38, who became a “social TV” pioneer when she joined the network as director of marketing and social media back in 2007. Four promotions later, she now oversees a staff of 100 plus social/digital pros who have deployed everything from the “Westword: The Maze” Alexa voice skill (a Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner in Radio and Audio created out of 360i) to the Sopranos Name Generator (which prompted even Twitter co founder Jack Dorsey to briefly change his handle to “Jackie No Edits,” a reference to his service’s notorious lack of an edit button).

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“Here’s how I think I would answer all that,” Kraft told the Patriots Radio Network (via WEEI). “Clearly, around Roger’s contract there have been threats of litigation that I have already spent too much of my life in depositions. I want to try and minimize that going forward.

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