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Epstein suicide, at age 66, came a little over a

As much as it works as a tension packed procedural about one good cop trying to fight the system, it also builds to a grim conclusion that suggests this is still a place where revolution is in the air. Opens Jan. 17 at Broadway Centre Cinemas. To help you navigate whatever you may be feeling, we turned to local grief and anger management counselors for their 10 go to coping tips. That way, you can better sit with and get through your sadness or anger, in order to bring more joy back into your life. “We often think of loss as having to do with death,” he says, “but loss can also be about the death of what we have had to give up, like a wedding, graduation, or other life milestone.” The first step to processing your emotions, he says, is to put words to what you’re feeling, and give yourself permission to acknowledge and accept what you’ve lost, no matter what it may be..

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