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Infected people have been admitted to the ESIC

This year has started on a great note as far as Bollywood fashion is concerned. We have already sighted some amazing designer outfits and theme pieces on various celebrities from the industry at different events. Priyanka Chopra’s recent appearance on the Red Carpet of the SAG Awards in a pink and cream floral bodycon gown was surely unforgettable.

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wholesale nba jerseys The deputy commissioner further said, had sent the samples of 9,288 people, of which 208 tested positive and the results of 550 are awaited. At least 80 people are currently hospitalised. Infected people have been admitted to the ESIC hospital, officials said, adding that at least 9,285 people are under home quarantine in the district and 7,449 people are on surveillance for influenza like illnesses.. wholesale nba jerseys

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