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It is called The Property Tax Independence Act

Not that Ruth and Presley aren’t worthy, it’s just so very representative of our current prez (Trump did also give Medals to people like Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Senator Orrin Hatch). Were there other awkward, WTF moments at the ceremony? Of course. Doctor/philanthropist Miriam Adelson scored a Medal, and it absolutely in no way had anything at all to do with her and her husband Sheldon giving millions of dollars to the Trump campaign (nor the $5 million donation to his inauguration committee) in 2016.

Gathering evidence of the PPP’s fraudulent project is quite simple. The operators left a lot of incriminating proof at Umbrella. If you want a free television screen measuring a 110 feet, then go to that warehouse deep inside the jungle off the Soesdyke Linden highway.

Cheap Jerseys china The solution to these problems and others is a bill currently under consideration by the Pennsylvania Senate and House. It is called The Property Tax Independence Act (House Bill/Senate Bill 76). This bill would eliminate school property taxes and replace them with a slight increase in sales taxes and income taxes. Cheap Jerseys china

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“I’ve been craving sweets right now, and that’s something I never really crave. I’m not like a big sweet person, but for whatever reason, even last night [April 27] I was craving a cinnamon bun, I was like crossing my fingers that Cinnabon would be open. Of course, it was not.

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