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Both workers were tested for the virus, she said, but their causes of death are as yet unknown.Philpott also didn’t know whether the two men worked picking or packing fruit.Marcia Edwards said her husband told her he worked this year for the first time in a cherry packing plant, instead of in orchards. Outbreaks of COVID 10 have been common in meat plants, where workers are often crowded together, in Washington and other states.Dan Fazio, executive director of Wafla, an organization that helps farms hire foreign laborers, said that H 2A workers at Gebbers were routinely lodged in bunk beds. He said the regulations developed by officials to separate workers had created numerous complications.”I don’t think they have a well thought out plan,” Fazio said.Okanogan County, where Gebbers is located, in north central Washington, had relatively few COVID 19 cases until recently.

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