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After years of collecting cobwebs in dusty attics

The lion puts the books away. Etc. Etc.. An audio visual project on Lahore, helmed by the undergraduate students of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), and supervised by academic Ali Usman Qasmi, was recently made public. Titled Walking in the City: Mapping Everyday Life in Lahore, the research based project views Lahore in a historical perspective through five broad thematic modules political movements, literary landscape, Hindu monuments and personalities in the city, and the importance of The Mall in terms of its landmark buildings which have political, religious and cultural affiliations with the mapping of the city. The fifth module profiles two violent deaths in the metropolis the execution of Bhagat Singh and Ilm Din’s murder of Rajpal..

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In 1989, a collector by the name of Kathleen Cole wrote a book about head vases, titled, Head Vases: Identification and Values, which brought about a newfound appreciation of the head vase. After years of collecting cobwebs in dusty attics, head vases had suddenly become valuable collector items. In the mid 1990s, Betty Lou Nichols’ head vases surged in popularity.

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