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Doctors ne bataaya ki agle 48 ghante aham hai

Taking to micro blogging site Twitter, he tweeted in Hindi saying, “AIIMS mein doctors aur parivaar se milkar bachi ka haal jaana. Doctors ne bataaya ki agle 48 ghante aham hai. Maine police commissioner se bhee baat kee. I ask myself the question why people do not exercise in winter, ok I know some places on earth do get very cold and makes it difficult to stand up early in the mornings to exercise or early evening coldness that picks up as well. Is their a way around this, well I suggest this. Put on allot of clothes or jackets but don’t go overboard, you don’t want to look like an astronaut having his suite on, start warming up those muscles a bit and while doing so, start removing some clothing piece by piece while warming up and doing some stretches.

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