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Married men are far more apt to be employed

As I said the last section is for the Pi codes, 314 227. We try to always include these codes whenever possible. In my research the Pi codes can be found in the vicinity of the 666/999 sequences. (Notice, that is only how many “admit”.) The National Safety Council reports that 1.6 million crashes each year are due to driving and cell phone usage. Out of these 341,000 are known to be caused by texting and driving (2013 statistic). In fact, 1 out of 4 car accidents are caused by texting and driving.

Having a wife and children is a responsibility that makes men mature. Married men are far more apt to be employed, and earn about $16,000 more per year on average than their single or divorced counterparts. The promises given by a man to a woman in holy matrimony are to bind him to the social institutions of husbandhood and fatherhood..

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