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They may have to tweak the system again

I really wanted to play with with numbers, with statistics. I think that’s one of the few ways Natives are often seen in this country, especially considering the census. What does it mean to be counted by the census? What are the impacts of it? What does it mean to not be counted by the census?.

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The Done Thing in 1952 was that no divorcees (divorce being the undone thing) were allowed into the Royal Enclosure at Ascot and debutantes (the marriageable daughters of good families) were presented at court. Prince Philip immediately had a go at these anachronisms: divorcees were admitted to the Royal Enclosure in 1955 and the presentation of debutantes ceased in 1958, chiming with the aftermath of the Suez Crisis which effectively ended British imperialism. The previous year Lord Altrincham had pronounced the ritual of the court presentation embarrassing, saying it should have been quietly discontinued after the war to make “a truly classless court”..

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