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UConn had lost that sense of confidence

Another hasty exit even against a heavily favored Jets team, even in a season during which the Wild has persevered through numerous injuries would reinforce the idea that the Wild’s roster construction is lacking. There’s also this: The Wild has the second oldest roster in the NHL this year, with an average player age of 29.2. The clock is ticking..

Thanks again Lewis, bless youThank you for commenting, Lillan!. And thanks for the kind words. I studied all ‘The Great Courses’. That why it seems to be working for Nike. Otherwise, hopping on a trendy social bandwagon is a recipe for disaster. Just ask Pepsi, whose 2017 ad featuring reality star Kendal Jenner turned into a PR nightmare as the Twitterati (and others) deemed it insensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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